Scared to be with You

by VvClaireKeeplyvV

Claire was in the Keep sitting at her desk working on some things on her computer when she hear the swish of the door opening. But she didn't look up she just kept at her  work.

It had been a week since she had been injected with the truth serum. Things had kinda gone back to normal. But she still hadn't been alone with Darien yet. And she was dreading it. She knew it was he who came into the Keep. It was time for his shot.  "I'll be right with you Darien." She spoke calmly, but she didn't feel calm.

Darien stares at her back. "How did you know it was me?"

Claire gets up from her chair and without looking at him walks to the refrigerator to get the counteragent. "Its time for your shot."

He nods slowly even though she can't see him. He makes it over to the chair and sits down. He looks down at his hands. He didn't know what to say to her. He felt like he had messed something up. Something that shouldn't have been messed with. But they were both not themselves at the time. And things happened and emotions he didn't want known came out. And he had hurt Hobbes. Which hurt him. So no matter how much he ever wanted Claire he couldn't pursue it.

Claire turns around to walk towards the chair. She stops in her tracks. There he was. Their eyes meet for a brief moment and she can't stand the intenseness behind his eyes and looks away. Flashes from their day together flash through her head. Biting, kissing, licking, skin to skin. It all the sudden felt really hot in the Keep. Claire wanted to be anywhere but here. She felt flush and like she wasn't going to make it through the next few minutes.

Darien sat up and watched Claire. "Are you ok? You don't look too good."

Claire looks up slowly at him. "I am fine. I think I am getting a little sick." She lied to him. He was the one doing this to her. She walks towards him with the syringe in hand.  She reaches him and stands by his side. She does what she needs to, to make sure all the bubbles are out.  "So how has your week been?"

Darien shifts feeling a bit uncomfortable. They had shared something so intimate and now here they were, barely able to speak to eachother. He reaches out and grabs her wrist gently.

Claire looks up startled by him touching her. She takes a deep breath. His big brown eyes staring right into her. She sets the syringe down. "What Darien?"

Darien didn't know what to say. He slowly stands up looking down at Claire. His face changes. Like all his emotions decided to show themselves. "Have you ever wanted me before what happened?"

Claire looked up at him. Her blue eyes penetrating his brown ones. "It would be a lie if I said no." She whispers. She was so afraid to admit it out in the open and to his face.

Darien brings his hand to her cheek and strokes it softly. "I've wanted to be with you too." And without any other words Darien leans down and kisses Claire. She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him back.

After a few moments of standing there and kissing, Darien had placed Claire down on the chair. He laid above her supporting himself so he wouldn't crush her.

Claire could remember the first time so well. But this time would be even better since they were both in their right minds, well not really, they shouldn't be doing this here. She ravished his mouth. Her tongue seeking out his. Her hands running up the inside of his jacket and pushing it back off his shoulders and down his arms.

Darien had her lab coat off already and was working on the buttons to her shirt. He trails kisses around the freshly exposed skin with each button. Once he's done he helps Claire out of her shirt. Their lips meet again in a passionate kiss.

Once she has all the buttons open on his shirt she pushes it down his arms. Touching, kissing, biting. Moans of pleasure. Her fingers playing over the hardness of his chest as he nibbles at her earlobe. Thoughts invade her head. She shakes it softly. She was starting to doubt it all.

She pushes on Darien. "No Darien... We can't. We can't." He pulls back and looks at her. He didn't understand. They were just hot and heavy and now she was saying no? He slowly gets up from the chair.

"Why not Claire? I thought....." He trails off. He felt so confused.

Claire shakes her head.  She slides off the chair and bends down and picks up her shirt and puts it on buttoning it. "We just can't do this Darien. I am sorry." She couldn't look at him.

They both get dressed again and Darien sits in the chair to get his shot. He wouldn't even look at her. When she was done he got up and grabbed his jacket. He turns back to her. "Why not Claire?"

She looks up. She didn't think he would ask. She just thought he would except it and leave. She looks down for a moment. "Because, I'm scared to be with you."

Darien nods slowly. That hurt a lot. But he wasn't going to force her. "Ok... So I'll see you later Keep." He puts on a big fake smile as if nothing happened and walks out of the Keep. The door swishing closed behind him.

Claire walks back to her computer and sits down. She wipes at her eyes. He was so intense and it scared her. She was scared to let another Fawkes love her. She didn't want him leaving her too.

*~* The End *~*

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